whitetrashroman (whitetrashroman) wrote in matt_dusk,

Matt Dusk on the Vicki Gabereau show

Hi, never posted here before so howdy!

Did any of y'all see Matt on the Vicki Gabereau show? She had him on for the entire half-hour, he did an interview and sang two songs (Two Shots and Precious Years). Very, very nice. I think it might air again tomorrow afternoon or on the weekend, for those who didn't catch it the first time.
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dammit, i missed it! but i never watch the viki show, she kind of creaps me out, so what time is it usually on so i can watch him and his interview-ness
Vicki airs at various times on a few different channels so it's hard to say, it depends on where you live and the channels you get. I know that both CTV and TalkTV air repeats of Vicki. Not sure how the schedule works, but it seems on the weekend they show episodes that were aired during the past week, so if anything, I'd say look for it then.

Here's a link to the TalkTV schedule. She's on like 50 billion times on Saturday & Sunday. One of them's bound to be the Matt Dusk episode.

And I know what you mean about her being creepy. Around here we've taken to calling her Icky.
Does this Vicky show come in the U.S.????? Ive never heard of it!